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Brand: Jiufa
Product name:  Turntable 25A
Product specifications:  can be customized
Product Origin: Xuzhou
Product material: high-strength steel
Product Process: National Standard
Order number: 01 turntable 25A
Model: Turntable
Item No.: Turntable 25A
Product alias: Turntable 25A
Construction machinery type: hoisting machinery hoisting machinery
Product use:  Mechanical engineering jack
Product Type: Brand new
Whether the cross-border export
exclusive source of supply:

Product advantages:

★01 Pay attention to details, no burrs at the corners, accurate size
02 Various models and specifications can be customized

03 Use high-strength steel, with strong plasticity and low deformability
04 Adopting international standard technology, small size error

√Small deformation

√ strong reliability

√ accurate size

√ corrosion resistance

√ good plastic toughness of high-strength steel


Main Export Markets:

  • Asia                                                  Australasia
  • Central/South America                    Eastern Europe
  • Mid East/Africa                                North America
  • Western Europe

Professional construction machinery manufacturer: 4 core advantages

★Supporting processing
At present, our company produces various construction machinery structural parts for several major domestic OEMs, and has been rated as a qualified supplier for many years.
Existing products are manufactured and sold. Under normal circumstances, a crane telescopic boom and crane turntable can be completed within one week from production to completion. Now we can produce all kinds of crane telescopic booms at home and abroad, including polygonal and U-shaped turntables, car frames, fixed parts, etc., with tonnage ranging from 1.5 tons to 300 tons.
Mechanical Design
Our company can process and produce according to the drawings provided by the user, and the user can provide the processing diagram for inquiry. Our company will quote according to the difficulty of the processing technology, and the processing can be carried out after friendly negotiation between the two parties. Restrictive parameters are provided by the user, such as the full boom length, cross-sectional size, and large turning radius of the telescopic boom on a general crane, the large span of the telescopic outrigger of the crane chassis, etc., and the design and transformation are carried out according to the user's needs.
According to the current market requirements, there is a general trend of higher and higher telescopic heights of cranes. Some users want to change their original two-section booms to three-section booms or four-section booms, which has made their equipment meet the market demand. , There are better returns.
We have technicians and maintenance technicians who have been in the industry for 20 years. For the current market maintenance personnel are mixed and technically unqualified. Some truck cranes have problems that cannot be solved after repeated maintenance. The failure can be solved immediately to ensure the smooth use of your equipment. .

XJCM  can customize excavator parts according to customer's drawings and other requirements.

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