The latest supply can support customized crane boom

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XJCM specialize in manufacturing large structures of construction machinery.Crane boom can use for XCMG ,XJCM truck crane and RT cranes.

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we can design as customer's requirement.

XJCM  main products are rough terrain crane ,truck crane,self -erecting tower crane, pipelayer and many construction machinery parts for these products .Crane boom is suit for XCMG crane ,XJCM crane and other crane.Also we can design and produce as customer's requirements.

The crane uses the pulley block at the top of the boom to support the hoisting wire rope to suspend heavy objects, and uses the length and inclination of the boom to change the lifting and working radius. The boom of the truck crane is the most important part of the crane. Although the function of the boom is to suspend and carry objects, different boom structures and technologies make the performance and efficiency of the crane very different.

Crawler cranes all use truss-type booms to support the steel structure of hoisting wire ropes and pulley blocks. It can be pitched to change the working radius of the crane, and it is directly articulated on the upper slewing platform. The upper and lower sections of the boom are basic booms, and there are multiple standard booms. The basic boom can be extended according to the construction needs. If necessary, a jib can be installed at the top of the main boom to expand the scope of operation. For example, the basic jib length of the QUY50 crane is 13m, which can be up to 52m after additional sections. In the early days, most of the sections of the boom were connected by flange bolts, and most of them were connected by pin shafts, which was suitable for truss arms made of seamless steel pipes. The cross-sections of the boom are all rectangular, with good lateral stability.

1.Part name: Crane boom

2.Outer dimension: As per customer's drawing

3.Type: Non-standard part

4.Minmum order quantity: 1 unit/units

5.Surface Treatment: All kinds of surface treatment is available, polishing, shotblasting, pre-heating, annealing


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