Fixed column chain hoist crane lifting jib

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XJCM design and produce crane jib ,crane boom ,crane superstructure for RT crane and truck crane

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we can design as customer's requirement.

Part name: Crane Jib

Product Description:

1. Maximum capacity: 1-5 tons
2. 360° flexible rotation
3. Electric or manual hoist control
4. Complete device or cost-saving kit
5. Bottom plate, pipe, column installation system
6. Gantry cranes are simpler and cheaper than bridge cranes or cranes

The boom telescopic forms of truck cranes are as follows:

1. Sequential telescopic structure _ Each section of the telescopic boom expands and contracts section by section in a certain sequence.
2. Synchronous telescopic structure-each section of the telescopic boom expands and contracts at the same relative speed.
3. Independent telescopic mechanism _ each arm can independently expand and contract.
4. Combined telescopic structure-when the telescopic arm exceeds three sections, the colleague can use any of the two telescopic methods listed above to expand and contract.

Use Of Wall Jib Cranes In The Component Manufacturing Industry

Wall-mounted jib cranes were used in the parts manufacturing industry. The factory production workshop uses two kinds of wall-mounted 5 ton jib cranes, one is I-beam or box-wall mount crane, the other is wall jib crane. Jib cranes have their own advantages, today mainly introduces wall jib crane.

Application industry of wall-mounted jib cranes: Parts manufacturing (construction machinery industry components, hydraulic pumps and other products manufacturing, the main products are reducer, gear pumps, high-pressure gear pumps, multi-way valve, etc.)

Product type of the wall type jib crane: wall cantilever crane (wall-mounted)

Select The Types Of 5 Ton Jib Crane Based On Advantages:

  • The height of the customer workshop is low and space is small.
  • It is not suitable for the lifting crane to borrow the wall of the plant according to the wall-mounted jib crane after site investigation and serious communication.
  • When the wall-mounted jib crane is not in use, you can set aside the wall close to the production, and pedestrians have no effect.
  • Wall Jib crane looks beautiful, lightweight, to reduce the intensity of our work great help!

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