Car/cross-country crane frame

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XJCM company design and produce crane frame and many other structural parts for crane ,excavator, loader with high quality.Welcome your negotiation

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we can design as customer's requirement.

XJCM have high-tech machines for numerical control, welding, forging and heat treatment are used in the process of our production.


The truck crane boom is an important part of the truck crane, and it is the foundation of the truck crane's work on the truck. At present, the structure of the boom mainly includes a load-bearing type and a non-bearing type. According to its arrangement, the chassis and the crane underframe are combined into a load-bearing type, and the crane underframes that are modified with a second-class chassis are mostly non-load-bearing.

Features And Benefits Of Crane Steel Structures

This structure is very reliable due to the high strength grade of steel.
  ★Cost saving
The steel building requires less raw materials than other types of structure like concrete structure. What’s more, it requires less maintenance.
 ★ Durability
It is designed with excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance features, and can withstand extreme forces or harsh weather conditions, such as strong wind, heavy snow and earthquake.
 ★ Easy and quick construction
All the major components of the structure are pre engineered at factory, and then rapidly erected at desired location.
The structural steel enables you to create large span. The structure can also take any kind of shape to your requirements. In addition, it can be easily modified or strengthened to suit your future uses.
 ★ High utilization
The steel can be recycled and reused without causing pollution.

1.Part name: Car/cross-country crane frame

2.Meet ISO9000 standard and BV certified

3.Outer dimension: As per customer's drawing

4.Main material : As per customer's drawing

5.Weight:  As per customer's drawing

6.Place of origin: Xuzhou ,China

7.Type: Non-standard part

8.Color: As your request

9.Payment term: T/T, L/C

10.Minmum order quantity: 1 unit/units


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