Current situation and future development trend of Chinese manufacturing industry

intelligent manufacturing system is a kind of intelligent machine and human experts jointly composed of human-machine integration intelligent system, it can in the manufacturing process with a high degree of flexibility and integration is not high, with the help of computer simulation of intelligent activities of human experts for analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making To replace or extend man’s part of the mental work in a manufacturing environment At the same time, collection storage sharing better integration and development of human intelligence intelligent manufacturing is based on a new generation of information and communication technologies and depth integration of advanced manufacturing technology, production management services throughout the design manufacturing activities of each link, have self awareness Since the study from the decision At present, China’s economy is in the process of transformation from high-speed growth to high-quality development. At the same time, with the industrial upgrading, China’s manufacturing industry will gradually shift from Made in China to intelligent manufacturing in China. Intelligent manufacturing will become the inevitable developing trend of manufacturing industry in the future This also means that smart manufacturing has become the strategic high ground of manufacturing development, and take the high ground, to promote China’s manufacturing industry supply side reform, cultivate new economic growth momentum, creating new competition advantage of manufacturing industry in our country, realize the goal of manufacturing powerhouse, has important strategic significance.

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Post time: Jan-11-2022