Digger general purpose bucket customized 3 cubic meter digger buckets

Short Description:

Tough GP Bucket Suit for Any Excavator Brand. Optimized profile for better filling & dumping.

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Product Specification:

Material : Alloy,High-strength alloy
Code : Q355b,NM360,HARDOX-500
Hardness: 163-187,360,470-500
Extension : 21%,16%,8% 21%,16%,8%
Bend Intensity(N/mm2) : 35,510,201,300
Drag and extension intensity(N/mm2) : 470-660,1200,15

Production Description:

The Excavator General Purpose bucket is made of standard plate thickness, same as the original factory. Chinese Q355b steel has been used for the whole body of the excavator scoop, instead of just the wearable parts. The GP bucket is available for machine weights from 3T to 80T. It's tough and light.

The chemical ingredients and Mechanical Performance comparison of three materials
MaterialsItems Q345B Standard thickness plate and high quality tooth plate For digging clay, or loading the sand, mud and gravel
Manganese Q345B Thicker plate, higher quality tooth plate which can lasting the using time For digging the tough mud, clay with soft stone or loading the secondary tough stone and rock.
Steel plate NM360+Q345B Adaptor plate and side plate are made of material NM360, material Q345B for high quality tooth plate, so that it can resist grinding and bending For digging the rubble, gravel and clay with tough stone, or loading the secondary tough stone and rock.
Wear-resistant steel plate homemade HARDOX500+Q345B Consolidated plate on the base, enhance the thickness of side plate, and install protective board, the tooth plate is made of SBIC from Korea which is specialized for rock, so that it can resist grinding and bending efficiently. For loading the tough rock and the mineral fromthe explosions


Superior Performance

1. Optimized profile for better filling & dumping.

2. Could be designed to fit your unique working purpose specifically.

3. Tech-team keep the GP bucket design upgrading routinely


Great Durability

1. The whole body is made of Q355b alloy steel (16Mn) instead of A3 steel which is been used widely on the market;

2. All steel are imported with quality inspection report from CSG, top level steel maker in China;

3. Qualified welders with ABS CSC certification;


Reasonable Price

1. We only take a small piece of "cake" , in order to help our customers stay strong on the market.

2. We always aim to build long-term relationships with our customers.

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