Crane turntable crane swing chassis

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XJCM have High-tech machines such as performance plasma, planning machine, blending machine and the like for numerical control , welding, forging and heat treatment are used in the process of production. Our products are surely of standard quality.

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we can design as customer's requirement.

The turntable is the central hub of the truck crane lifting operation. There are many working conditions and complex forces, which are prone to damage and failure. In order to solve the contradiction between the load capacity of the turntable, the rigidity matching and the light weight.


Our company specializes in the production and processing of various construction machinery structural parts, and undertakes the crane turntable, boom, frame, square box and other incoming materials, and the old parts are surveyed and processed. Refit various construction machinery and equipment.
We have advanced production equipment and strong technical force. At present, we are cooperating with many large domestic enterprises. As their suppliers, we have achieved attention to details, high quality products, reasonable prices and fast delivery. At the same time, it also cooperates with hundreds of large construction machinery repair shops across the country to design and modify various special equipment with telescopic arms. All enterprises and individuals are welcome to visit our factory and negotiate business.

Tower crane turret/turntable: The turret consists of three parts: the upper turntable, the lower turntable and the turret body. The upper part of the upper turntable is welded with an angle steel rectangular turret body. The top four corners are connected to the tower cap by ear plate pins. The cross beams on both sides are made of channel steel, and the lower part is firmly fixed by 28 M22 high-strength bolts and the inner ring of the slewing bearing. The front part is connected with the crane boom root by a pin, and the rear part is connected with the balance arm root by a pin. There is a cab and a working platform at the front left. The slewing mechanism is installed on both sides of the upper turntable. The pinion gear of the slewing mechanism meshes with the slewing ring gear.


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